Mommyhood: What’s Inside Our Diaper Bag

When I became a mother, I always make sure that I stuffed all the basic things that Cloud needs before we head somewhere. We all know that bringing your baby outside is backbreaking even when you have your stroller or baby carrier so I make it a point the his diaper bag got all his necessities without making it heavy and bulky. I’m thankful that I decided to breastfeed him because we do not need to bring him feeding bottles, extra water etc. So basically, we saved 50% of a typical baby necessities.  

Our diaper bag (Belotte K1790) was a gift from my SIL (thanks Ate!) before I gave birth so I didn’t bother to buy our own. We saved a lot because this costs for about 1000Php+ in SM Department Store. We are using this for 10 months now, once or twice a month of going out and it serves its purpose very well. I love its roomy space and pockets on both sides. Since it has many pockets inside and outside, Cloud’s things don’t mixed up!

In today’s post, I am sharing you what’s inside our diaper bag. 

1. 5 pieces of disposable diapers
2. 5 pieces of lampin / cloth diaper – you can use them as cover and to wipe dirt 
3. 3 sets of clothes
4. 1 bottle of water (Wilkins)

5. Baby book 
6. Spoon and fork – since Cloud started to eat solid foods, we brought his own utensils when dining out
7. Sanitizer / Alcohol
8. Baby Wipes
9. Mosquito patches

So far, these are Cloud’s basic needs! I just need to replenish his diapers, lampins and extra clothes everytime we go out. I do not bring my own bag anymore so I just slipped my wallet inside the diaper bag and we are good to go.  Ayoko nang maraming dala lols.
Is there anything I missed?
Let me know in the comment section below.
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16 Replies to “Mommyhood: What’s Inside Our Diaper Bag”

  1. Maybe I should learn the secret in folding garments so it could fit the bag! Haha! and more organizing skills!

  2. I like how it looks..I like diaper bags that don't look like they're such 🙂 so that later on we can use them as overnight bags hehe

  3. I miss those days when my kids were still babies! Ha ha… Good job, mommy! 🙂

  4. You pretty much have covered everything! Excellent job =)

  5. Wipes are a lifesaver. Your diaper bag looks cute, mine's already worn off. I also carry with me a small baby wash bottle especially now that my toddler is keen in using the loo for nature call number 2(poop) and an empty bottle for traffic-induced nature call number 1(pee). hihi

  6. I like this, noon nahihirapan ako umalis at di ako mapalagay pag may kulang na gamit sa bag ko for my baby, but right now natutunan ko na, hehe 🙂

  7. That is such a cute bag, saka I love your spoon and fork! Gusto ko rin nyan hehehe.

  8. I love your bag! It doesn't even look like a nappy bag. My diaper bag was huge — it became my travel bag instead haha!

  9. my son is now 8, but I still bring wipes, mosquito repellent and alcohol every time we go out. Mabuti na ang handa!

  10. When we are still using baby bag same as you ang dami ko dala from diapers, milk wipes and first aid para dala ko n buong bahay

  11. Pretty much had these as well except for the mini spoon and fork. Love those! Where did you get 'em?

  12. I think I had an attachment to diaper bags, haha. Took me a while to let them go, I was so used to bringing one.

  13. We have the same things inside our diaper bag except the spoon and fork. 🙂

  14. When I'm with my kids, their diaper bag is my bag too 🙂 Now that they're a bit older, kumonti narin laman ng bags nila 🙂

  15. when we still had diaper bags, every time we go to the mall felt like we're going on an overnight staycation hahaha!

  16. Well those items sure looks light weight and not back-breaking… It's the purified water we carry along that gives us the burden hahaha! But.. We gotta do what we gotta do, right? As they grow older pa konti na ng pa konti yan…… I wish! Mine is already 2 so far same same pa rin, not that im complaining 🙂

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