My Baby’s Bath Essentials: Johnson’s Baby Bath and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

As a first time mom, I am very anxious for my son’s health and safety and I am certain every mother feels the same way as I do. From the clothes he will wear, the place he will sleep, the toys he will play and to the products he will use during bath time. Mothers always make sure these factors are perfectly SAFE for their little ones.

From my lo’s first bath up to this mark, we have tried different bath essentials from Mustela, Lactacyd and Evenflo. Mustela is an expensive brand yet we were able to try it as I had a trial size during an event I attended to when I was pregnant. I love its smell on my lo after bath, not a refreshing one but it smells really great. Sorry I am not pretty good at describing scents lols. However, my MIL doesn’t like the smell for her so we just finished the trial size and besides, its expensive too. Mustela baby bath products retails from 400php and above.

My lo developed dry patches on his face and body when we switched to Lactacyd. Evenflo was generally okay but what I do not like is its consistency, its too thick and super yellow in color. Our latest finds are these two: Johnson’s Baby Bath (in Blue) and Cetaphil Cleanser. Both are affordable and available in the local market. Sorry can’t remember their prices because we’ve been using it for months now.

I used Johnson’s baby bath on his body and Cetaphil on his face. I let them stay for a minute or two and then rinse after. The J’s baby bath has a lighter scent compare to Mustela that’s why its my new favorite. It does have a hint of powdery scent and I can’t help but sniff lo many times after his bath *gigil mode lang lols*. 

Cetaphil back info
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil is our no-brainer product for sensitive and dry skin. I can attest that this product works because after using this for few days, lo’s dry patches on his face were gone. It is also definitely safe for babies and even recommended by other dermatologists who have the most sensitive skin. I even used this sometimes on my elbows when its super dry and needs extra moisture. I also love this product because its fragrance FREE.

Johnson’s back info

Johnson’s Baby Bath

Johnson’s Baby Bath has a clear blue not-so thick formula and smells a little powdery. It lathers really well on skin and hypoallergenic too. As I’ve mentioned, this is my most favorite scent of baby bath I have tried so far.

Mommies, what are your favorite bath essentials for your little ones?
Please let me know! 🙂

Much Love, 

Mommy Mhaan


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  1. Cetaphil is a great delicate brand but i never knew it can be used for babies
    Glad to know that

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  2. Same here, I never knew it not until I have a baby.
    Nevertheless, this is a must have for the whole family.
    Thanks for the visit. 🙂

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